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In the dark of night, fourteen-year-old Alicia wakes to a mysterious voice calling to her—or was it only a dream? The next day, taking a break from school assignments, she ventures outside her family’s cabin, but is stunned and confused to find her parents frozen inside an amber bubble. No matter how loud she screams or how hard she beats on the barrier, her parents don’t respond. Alicia has a gut wrenching feeling that the Wild Side, a magical and dangerous realm, is what called her and caused this. Only she can travel to the Wild Side and free them, but can she survive the trials ahead?


Exclusive early release copies are available now and this title will be released in March 2020.


"...the fact that I had finished the book made me sad, I had gotten emotionally attached to all of the characters because the book was so captivating..."
—Katrina Smith, 7th Grade Student

“…I like the plot of this sequel; it doesn’t seem too forced and makes sense considering the first book. This book left me satisfied... The problem was solved sufficiently yet still left me wanting to read the next book, and the writing of Alicia’s inner thoughts and general descriptions helped me to connect to the characters and the story...”
—Emily Burroughs, 8th Grade Student

“The characters come to life because they took these fictional characters and really gave them life by allowing them to talk and feel. But when you have a talking tree, some wouldn’t believe that it’s a real thing. But we’re in the Wild Side, anything can be real.”
—Briana Lopez, 7th Grade Student
“…The ending felt like I had been going on this adventure with them which made me really sad when she had to leave Tawny in the Wild Side but through her power of connecting to people, she was able to get her parents back. The strongest theme in this story is to always look to your friends for help…”
—Andrew Silva-Silva, 8th Grade Student
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