Finding The Lost

Moose Beach Book Two

The morning after hearing a mysterious voice in the night, Alicia finds her parents frozen in a bubble outside their cabin in the woods. Alicia has a gut-wrenching feeling that the Wild Side, a magical and dangerous realm, is behind this. She must find mystical Ancients in the magical realm or her parents may be doomed, but can she succeed?

The Passage At Moose Beach

Independent Press Awards
Distinguished Favorite 2019

While enjoying the lake eleven-year-old Alicia gets lost during a rainstorm and ends up transported to a strange realm. Alicia sets out on a difficult journey to discover a way home. But can Alicia and her friends find a way to stop “The Drying” which threatens them all?

The Passage At Moose Beach

A book that’ll captivate your imagination.

Eleven-year-old Alicia encounters unusual, surprising friends and terrifying enemies as she embarks on an unexpected and magical journey in nature. While enjoying the lake with her father, as they do every year, Alicia gets lost during a rainstorm and ends up transported to a different and unfamiliar place with no idea where she is or how she got there. This adventure takes the reader to a land not so far from home, yet farther than imagined, perhaps another realm. A world that looks much like what we see around us, but where nothing is what it seems and where family comes in all forms.

Alicia sets out on a difficult journey to discover a way home, finding compassion and friendship along the way. Her new friends help her fight terrible foes and they come face to face with an ancient creature, huge and fearsome. These friends help each other in every way imaginable through both moments of adventure and terror. Though Alicia and her friends work together to overcome challenges and crippling fear, can they find a way to stop “The Drying” which threatens them all?

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Finding The Lost:
Moose Beach Book Two

Return to the magical world of the Wild Side.

Fourteen-year-old Alicia hears a mysterious voice calling her—or was it a dream? The next day she ventures outside her family’s cabin but is stunned and confused when she finds her parents frozen inside an amber bubble totally unresponsive when she bangs on the barrier and yells to them.

Alicia has a gut-wrenching feeling that the Wild Side, a magical and dangerous realm, is behind this. She must find mystical Ancients in the magical realm or her parents may be doomed, but can she succeed?

Praise for Finding The Lost

“Resilient and resourceful, Alicia packs a bag… and heads into the wild. Witnessing her self-sufficiency on this solo quest is a delight, especially as she discovers her own strength along the way. Alicia builds fires, forages, and fishes like a true survivalist, opening opportunities for young readers with the possibilities that she represents. Even more inspiring is the persistence of her spirit. Knowing that it’s up to her to save the day, Alicia never, ever gives up, even when myriad disappointments come her way.”

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Moose Beach Book Two

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The Passage at Moose Beach Reader Reviews

What people are saying about The Passage At Moose Beach

“An enchantingly magical tale about finding friends
in the unlikeliest of people and working together with them to achieve your wildest dreams.”

-Emily, 7th Grade Student


"I absolutely loved reading the book. It felt familiar, like reading a favorite fable, or following Dorothy on her journey to Oz... it is a girl having the adventure and using her brains."

-Jo, Retired Teacher

"If you love animals and nature, you should read this book because it talks about a girl's amazing adventure of how she saves this world, and all the animals and living things inside of it."

Charlotte, 7th Grade Student

“…When I started I did not realize how fun that it would be.”

-Ilias, 7th Grade Student

Great read… it was fun following Alicia on her path to escape the wild side along with some new friends.”

-Andrew, 7th Grade Student

“A heartwarming, sentimental, and brilliantly written story.”

-Kelly, 7th Grade Student


"I loved the choice of the theme of working together as a family, even if it is not your biological family..."

-Sandy, Middle School Teacher

About Michael


Michael Foster works full time for a major tech company, and right now writing is a new hobby. He is an avid video gamer and always a people person with a wide network of friends in multiple countries. He loves to host backyard barbecues whenever possible.

As a child, Michael’s family spent long summers at the family cabin in Idaho, built by his maternal great-grandfather in the late 1920’s. Michael, his brother, and two sisters would endlessly explore the vast Boise National Forest around the cabin and lake. He calls himself a “free-range child” saying that his parents seldom knew where he was as his inquisitive nature kept him out and about, always exploring.

Michael has enjoyed watching his adult daughter grow into the same nature loving adventurous person he was and draws writing inspiration from both his own experiences at the lake and watching his wife and daughter experience the woods in their own way.


What Michael is talking about

The Birth of a Sequel

Welcome Friends It has been quite some time since my last blog post, which has more to do with the busy year I’ve had than anything else. But with the early release of book two in the Moose Beach trilogy now available (I can't believe it!), I wanted to share with you...

The Day I Died Pt 2: And the Healing Has Begun

Welcome friends, In the second of this two-part series, I am going to talk about the aftermath of my experience, my healing process, what led me to become the person I am, and ultimately to writing my book. I’ll say it again, every word in this story is true. Cross my...

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This book is dedicated to the wildland firefighters everywhere.

Without their extraordinary efforts, hard work, and sacrifice, this book would not exist. They are true heroes in this world.

When they pay the ultimate sacrifice…

Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s main focus is to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families. We honor and acknowledge past, present, and future members of the wildland firefighting community, and partner with private and interagency organizations to bring recognition to wildland firefighters.

5% of all author proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation For more information, please visit

Gloria Miller Allen

The artist behind the art in The Moose Beach Series.

Gloria Miller Allen has lived in Idaho since 1974, though she spent her childhood in the Mid-West. She met Michael Foster after painting a commissioned portrait for his mother of the family’s beloved cabin which inspired this story. 

Allen did not study art in college but has had the privilege of taking workshops from some of the greatest American Watercolorist. She has thousands of paintings to her credit and feels that library books are gentle and knowledgeable teachers. Allen has always considered her drawing-board like her classroom and loves the idea of being a perpetual student. 

Gloria Miller Allen says she is so grateful that her life has allowed her to explore the world of watercolors, and art in general. Drawing and painting is an incredible way to stand in awe of this planet and our life on it.

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